I won, Palestine won ..

Palestine Wins; This time through a photo I provided to the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Palestine few months ago. The photo is of St. George’s Monastery, which began in the fourth century with a few monks who sought the desert experiences of the prophets, and settled around a cave where they believed Elijah was fed by ravens. Within its efforts to encourage tourism to this extraordinary site, the ministry designed and printed a poster using my photo. This poster was chosen to represent Palestine at the international contest “The Vettor Giusti tourism posters competition” which is held every two years on the occasion of the sessions of the UNWTO General Assembly, and provides an opportunity to showcase the creativity and beauty found in the posters used to promote tourism in each country. The Poster entitled “ Jericho, City of the Moon- 10.000 years of Civilization” was amongst five other posters who won this high-level and international competition.

The winning poster will be posted on the UNWTO website until the next edition of the Vettor Giusti posters competition at the 2013 General Assembly. Moreover, the printed poster will be displayed in the entrance hall of the UNWTO building in Madrid until the end of the 2013 General Assembly.

I feel very honored and privileged for having the chance to represent my country, and to show one of the hidden treasures we have in Palestine, this time as I see it through my lens.

You can read more about the competition and see the winning photo at:


The UNWTO World Tourism Organization is a specialized agency of the United


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