“ She did not see the light since then” …

Moments after the police started searching the house, they heard the calling out from inside the closed bathroom; on the ground there was a blanket, a pillow and a barely twenty years old girl. After resisting the police, her father confessed that he had confined her inside the bathroom at the age of eleven, “ she did not see the light since then” the father added.

The father was convicted on the indecent assaults-RAPE- of his minor daughter; the mother tried to stop him but got beaten without mercy. Five years later, the court convicted the heartless criminal with imprisonment for ten years with hard labor. Yet, for bringing down the personal right- from the victim her self, the court decided to reduce the sentence to only five years.

Those two disturbing stories were on the local news couple of days ago. Reading the news have left me speechless, powerless, full of anger and rage against my own species- men-, my government that left a rapist father free for five years before convicting him, for the shame and taboo based culture I live in and finally on every silent partner in those specific crimes and other crimes that happens and we don’t hear of.

We all have a choice; we can stand up and fight the dehumanization of woman and their basic rights, or just keep silent and walk away. We can make a difference; we SHOULD fight for it with all we can, BEFORE ITS TOO LATE …

Ps. all those images I took at theater plays, and they just represent in away how I felt and imagined the situation.

I strongly suggest you check a video on the same topic made by the Palestinian artist Samar Hazboun on a project called “ Hush”,




2 thoughts on ““ She did not see the light since then” …

  1. Elias, this is great and incredibly important. Thank you for being a voice for women throughout the Middle East and a beacon of courage to inspire men to take a stand for justice and love. Bless you!

  2. Paulo Sidney says:

    Hi Elias,

    very nice blog and what you are aiming as well. Photography is a strong way to show the world as the way we see and capture it.
    Keep the nice job my friend.

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