Oldies Goodies, and some apples on the side …

Sometime I wonder, what thoughts, reports and books were typed in that little old typewriter I have in my room. Second and third and even fourth thoughts were drafted before the final work. No backspace, no delete, no spelling correction and most important; No copy and paste. Antiques and cultural heritage adds to my passion for History. Yet history lies between our hands and we don’t even see it. I am an antique and old books collector. One book that I have talks about governing in Palestine, the book is from 1939, another book is about the Palestinian police and security in Palestine printed in 1932, a Christian liturgy book that dates back to 1883, a Muslim Hadeth book that dates back to 1942, an Arabic scientific & literary journal 1894 and a few other old books.

A very valuable collection that indicates that yes there were Palestine and Palestinian intellectuals before the occupation of Palestine. Just another prove to those ignorant people out there saying that the Palestinian people were invented. Unfortunately all those valuables and many other valuables I found were trashed and in the way to be thrown away.

Few months ago I went to Italy and took an intensive course in Management of Cultural Heritage, and I was lucky to witness and learn some of the ways they preserve antiques. A breathtaking experience I had was holding a book that dates back to 3000+ years and still is used by researches. In Palestine people are busy with politics and conflict, yet one day we will be free, and then it may be too late to find the treasures of the past. I am sure some people are saving these treasures, and guess what, those people will be the ones that the coming generations will thank.

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