There are more in Palestine than what Google images can show, or even Wikipedia can teach; a rich cultural heritage, life style and natural beauty which requires a closer look to enjoy and appreciate. Numbers and figures, a history lecture or reading an article by a famous writer doesn’t reflect enough the true image, yet a first hand experience and a few photos can.

During the last few years my photos made their way to local and international magazines, websites as well as different exhibitions. Working with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities in Palestine on a photo project last year was a dream coming true. This opportunity was a platform where I was fortunate to show Palestine to the world as I see it, the small details and the unseen richness that typically are not experienced by tourists who may only spend couple of hours in Palestine. Seeing my photos printed in posters, postcards and even books has given me the push to continue making photos and showing them to the public.

As a photographer, I feel I have the responsibility of an ambassador, a responsibility of showing the beauty and richness of my homeland and its wonderful people, as well as showing the burdens and harsh reality that Palestinians go through in their daily life. Capturing moments and sharing them is my passion, it is the fuel that keeps me motivated, knowing that my photos speaks louder than my words.

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